Patient Resources


A nephrologist is a doctor who sees patients with kidney disorders. You have been referred by your physician, or have selected Kidney Associates because you have been told that you might have abnormalities related to the kidney. Our team will do our best to help diagnose and treat your condition, allay your fears, and provide you with the best opportunity we can to stay healthy.



Once you have registered through the patient portal you will have assess to your medical records online. With our easy online patient registration program, BREEZE, you will be able to complete some of your forms online before you come to the office. But, no worry. If you cannot complete the forms online at home, we can help you here in the office.



The patient portal is where you can access your medical records, medication renewals, schedule upcoming appointments and more. Please visit our portal page.



To make it easier and safer to provide care during the coronavirus pandemic we now offer Telemedicine as an alternative to in person visits. Login at or below using the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment (713) (713) 795-5511.
  2. Complete the consent form through the office.
  3. Make sure your computer has a microphone and camera. Compatible browsers are Safari, Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Make sure you have a good internet connection and test your system. support link is .
  5. Call us at (713) 795-5511 if any questions or problems with setting up your system.
  6. At the time of your appointment log in through your doctor’s name:


Using BREEZE you can pay your bill online. MAKE A PAYMENT



We are required by law to main the privacy of your medical records. This is referred to as protected health care information (PHI). The rules that we follow are dictated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). These rules we follow are outlined on the HIPAA website provided by the Department of Health and Human Services.



We participate in most of the insurance health plans and have team members at many hospitals. We are involved in integrated care, something you will be hearing more and more about in the future. Please contact our office for further details about our participation in health plans (713) 795-5511. It is important that you and your employer carefully evaluate the health plan you are considering joining. Many plans restrict access to the physician or hospital that you and your family prefer and offer an alternate that may not be suitable or appropriate for you. If your Kidney Associates doctor is not on the plan you want, talk with your primary care provider, your plan representative and your employer. Ask your employer to only contract with health plans that use Kidney Associates.



If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our offices, (713) 795-5511.



The Patients Bill of Rights was created in 1998 to help you feel confident with the US health care by assuring the system is fair and works to meet your needs, gives you a way to address problems, and encourage you to take an active role in staying healthy. It stresses the importance of a strong relationship between patients and doctors or other health providers. It stresses the role you can play in staying healthy by laying out rights and responsibilities for patients and their physicians or providers.