Our Practice

Kidney Associates is a Houston-based nephrology practice. The practice covers the spectrum of nephrology care, including chronic kidney disease (CKD) screening and management, dialysis and transplantation care, hospital and office consultative nephrology, vascular access intervention and management and clinical research.


The mission of Kidney Associates is to provide the highest standards of care and service to our patients, as well as optimal service to our colleagues and payors, and to provide an excellent work environment.



Kidney Associates was started in 1980 as Stephen Z. Fadem, M.D., PA. The original offices were in Hermann Professional Building. In 1985 plans were made to develop the first dialysis center, the Houston Kidney Center. This was built by Drs. Fadem and Samir Tuma, a colleague who had left the Baylor faculty to go into clinical practice. By 1988, HKC had started to acquire exclusive managed care contracts and by 1996 had grown to four centers and one of the largest practices in Houston. The dialysis centers were purchased by Total Renal Care, now DaVita.

Meanwhile, the PA continued to grow and Drs. Joey Buquing and Wasae Tabibi joined. The following year Dr. Julie Robeson also joined. She has since expired. In 1994 Cassie Brown, PAC, joined the practice. A new group was born, Kidney Associates. Since then Han Dang, Dana Mitchell, Ruth Wintz and Emil Abdulhayoglu have joined. Drs. Dang, Mitchell and Abdulhayoglu have since moved on.

We have since added Drs. Rahul Pandey and Sejal Sarolia. Kidney Associates is now a large Houston Community practice that covers Houston and surrounding areas in Sugar Land, Pearland, Jacinto City and Cypress Station.

We continue to grow, but also in depth and character. We have established a very high code of standards to guide us and hopefully be a benchmark for clinical practices around the nation.

The mission of our practice is to provide the highest standards of care and service to our patients, colleagues and payors while providing the best possible place to work.

As we develop newer and better ways to serve our patients, this website will keep you updated.




When you talk with our team members please note their name. Let us know that they are doing a good job, or if they need to improve. Each member of our team must accept responsibility for their segment in your care. There is no passing the buck. The only way we will improve is to accept our weaknesses and our strengths. Accountability forces integrity.



Ever notice how the guest is treated in a hotel. This is how our team is expected to treat you. We want you to feel that you are getting fast attention to your needs. A patient has special needs, and it is our duty to make every reasonable effort to serve you. Our team is expected to return phone calls in a fast, timely manner, refill routine prescriptions on weekdays within 24 hours. We do not want to keep you waiting. The Golden Rule is the power behind good service Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.



We move through work and through life with a collection of past experiences and a balance of hope and fear regarding the future. Sometimes, in doing this we neglect the present. But, this is where we are when we are developing our part of the teams project. History shows that as we stay and function in the present, we are judged by our present deeds. Our future is most likely shaped by how we perform in the present, not how effective we are at worrying about it. This in no way negates planning and preparation.



A group is a collection of experiences. One person cannot stand on all the planes and view all the dimensions, but together we can. Teamwork means acknowledging that the project is beyond the scope of one, but possible with a group effort. Teamwork works when there is accountability, follow-up, improvement, and by its nature it is coincidentally the sum of all the other values. Teamwork relies on the ability to interact successfully. There are three reasons why interactions fail and one way to make it work: Misperception, miscommunication and emotions detract from the ability to discuss and interact. However, staying substantive allows us to move forward in working with one another as team players.



The only way to improve is to look objectively at our performance and analyze the best way to do our jobs better. This takes into account how effectively we apply all our values and how well we stay on task with respect to our mission. Improvement is a value that applies outside the workplace as well as within. As we grow in our ability to work together and succeed we want to enrich our personal lives, our interactions with our friends, families and colleagues.



Integrity means being honest, not only at work but with oneself. It is our most important value, always. So important is integrity that it has many synonyms and antonyms but all mean the same. Honesty means seeing things as they are and how they should be, and staying within the guidelines and rules known as ethics, regardless of what side influence abounds. It is this value that has enabled civilizations to succeed, but has also caused them to fail, for it means not only telling the truth but facing the truth.



The feeling of doing the right thing is one of the greatest of all experiences. If the team succeeds, the team quite naturally should share in the feeling. Fulfillment means helping each member of the team experience the gratification of the job well done. A smile and a positive attitude are contagious they both relay and demonstrate fulfillment.